A Society of Chumps vs. a Society of Dangerous Children

These days, a chump is anyone who believes what government, media, and “experts” in academia tell him — without checking the facts for himself. A Dangerous Child always checks the facts, and understands how to interpret them in a valid manner.

Consider US unemployment numbers, as provided by US government officials:

Image: The Federalist

A shrinking labor force… can completely mask a serious job shortage by excluding those who stop looking for work altogether from the calculation of unemployed persons. _The Federalist

Currently a record 91.8 million Americans are no longer looking for work. That’s almost one and a half times the entire population of France. _America is Going Galt

In other words, the US employment (and economic) picture is so abysmal, that almost a hundred million working-age Americans have given up looking for conventional forms of employment.

Sure you can make unemployment look better by not counting people, you can claim the economy is growing by ignoring inflation, you can argue that inflation is low because you don’t count food or energy, but the reality is that all of these arguments are grade “A” BS.

We are now five years into the “recovery.” The single and I mean SINGLE accomplishment from spending over $3 trillion has been the stock market going higher. This is a complete and total failure. Based on the business cycle alone, the economy should be roaring.

… The media is lying about the economy. They have been for years. Even the BLS now admits that its methodologies are either inefficient (read: DON’T work) or outright wrong.

And yet alleged “adults” continue to believe this stuff. I don’t get it. Is it mass delusion or are people really willing to believe a lie rather than what their own eyes tell them?_Zerohedge

America is undergoing a massive, engineered social transformation. Not only are all American population groups being dumbed down by government schools and media, but in addition, the least intelligent populations are given preferential treatment for hiring, contracts, school admissions, and whatever other goodies their redistributionist government is doling out. Here is one way the process is taking place in academia. But the same process is in full swing in Human Resources offices across the land — including fire departments, police departments, and all federal agencies.

I will leave it to your imagination as to what happens to a society that promotes its least qualified at the expense of better qualified individuals.

This phenomenon of designed societal decline is not new. Destructive nepotism and corruption is as old as humanity. Most intelligent persons in possession of historical perspective are probably wondering why it took the US so long to regress back toward the mean.

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.” _Robert Heinlein quoted by Instapundit … More Robert Heinlein quotes from the notebooks of Lazarus Long

Anyone who has read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is already familiar with the phenomenon of top-down decline, which Obama has merely shifted into a higher gear. But society is largely full of people who have accepted groupthink as the proper cognitive style, so they will never stop to think or doubt what they are being told.

Groupthink is very prevalent in low-IQ populations. Drug use, criminal violence, low achievement, and STD prevalence is likewise quite high in such populations. And yet these are the very populations to whom US government gives special privileges for hiring, contracts, school admissions, and much more — at the expense of statistically better qualified and more competent populations.

It should be obvious to more intelligent and competent individuals, that their future well-being will not be assured in government, media, academia, or any other large collective or corporate enterprise over which government exerts appreciable influence or control. In essence, the government has become their enemy in everything but name.

Some parts of the US, such as Wisconsin, have experienced a limited success in turning back some of the dysfunctional policies which the US federal government is attempting to press on all state and local governments. Working from within the political process to reverse some of the more destructive government policies will be successful in some regions and locales — and unsuccessful in many others.

What should intelligent people do — who live in perennially dysfunctional societies with no hope for beneficial policy changes in the near term — to try to assure opportunities for their children’s future opportunity and prosperity, besides moving to a place that offers more opportunity for self-determination?

First of all, understand that “Your Children are not Your Children.” They are themselves, and you are obligated to help them develop into the best selves — the most skilled, competent, clear-headed, independent, dangerous, resilient, and wise — that they can be. That is your duty, and it is not optional. If you think that day care, pop culture, peer pressure, and government schools can do your job for you, think again.

Most of you live in societies that are filling up with indoctrinated chumps. Perhaps it is not their fault that they are chumps, but all the same, their gullible chumpiness is making life harder for you and yours.

A Need for New Meme-Paradigms

Humans think in terms of narratives (stories) guided by meme-paradigms. If you have a talent for art, music, innovation, and narrative — and understand how the mind works, you may be able to help create positive alternative memes, paradigms, and meme-paradigm vectors, to help replace the destructive meme-paradigms that belabor our societies.

One example of a destructive meme-paradigm vector is gangsta rape-rap, cop killa, violent hip hop that holds a large part of black populations in thrall. As a vector, rhythmic hip hop is a powerful learning tool which could as easily be used to teach Shakespeare for grammar school students, or human anatomy for nursing students. Instead it is a river of decay and violence for a growing permanent underclass.

Dangerous Children are beneficiaries of ample early childhood exposure and training in music, art, movement, creative thinking and language, and narrative drama — otherwise known as multimedia creative storytelling and constructive acting out. They learn to mentally dance from paradigm to paradigm before they know what it is they are doing, which makes them infinitely tougher against indoctrination.

Practical skills, entrepreneurship, invention, etc. are added later, after the child has learned to draw his “self portrait,” dance his own dance, and write his own story and song. By learning who they are on many levels, Dangerous Children learn to direct their own life trajectories to match their inner inclinations and aptitudes.

Due to increasingly dysfunctional policies, most modern societies — previously known as the drivers of this affluent high technological era — are now sinking into a corrupt and nepotistic decay. For many such societies, only portions of their homelands will be salvageable for those who believe in individual self-determination.

The above posting is re-published from a 2014 article first published on Al Fin the Next Level

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