Intermittent Blog Blackout: Al Fin Next Level Blog

Update: As of 1 February 2018 AM, the alfinnextlevel blog is back up. We are still trying to get clarification from WordPress as to the root of theproblem.

For reasons known only to itself, WordPress has made the unilateral decision to block all access to the blog. We are attempting to get more information from wordpress in order to remove the block, but can offer no guarantees to readers.

It will still be possible to search for specific blog posts and retrieve cached versions of such pages from caching services such as found on bing, yahoo, google, etc. or via Wayback Machine at

With a blog as controversial as alfinnextlevel (or the original Al Fin blog for that matter), it is likely that people will be offended and complain. Some of those people might be wealthy, powerful, and influential. Others may simply be in a unique position to influence decisions within blog publishers such as wordpress or google.

We live in a politically correct world where using the wrong pronoun for someone’s gender can get a person thrown in prison in some jurisdictions.

Hopefully all of this can be clarified and rectified soon and we will once again be busy at work on Al Fin Next Level, offending fearlessly and with abandon.

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