The articles in The Dangerous Child blog are not in any particular order, except for the original two postings, which provide broad answers to FAQs.

A Dangerous Child is someone who has taken control of his own life. He will have mastered at least three distinct ways of supporting himself financially, by the age of 18 years. When not being harassed or threatened, he is the mildest of the mild.

Dangerous Children do not choose any particular career path. A large proportion of them will probably start businesses of various types. Others may find employment within a government ministry, or choose to work in the professions, in scientific labs, or on large engineering projects. A few may even choose careers in military special operations.

There are no outward distinguishing marks — no tattoos, no special rings, no iconic pendants, no secret handshakes — to signify a Dangerous Child to outside observers. You may be living next door to one. 😉

The Dangerous Child Method is based upon the early development of broad-based competencies in language, movement, creative thinking, pattern assessment, and a wide range of practical skills. The best prophylaxis against an incompetent society is the development of competent individuals capable of working together in both ad hoc and semi-permanent groups.

Dangerous Children are immunised against the consensual delusion, which means that they will be a number of steps ahead of most academically lobotomised groupthinking psychological neotenates, in terms of recognising developing patterns which might make the difference between life and death, prosperity or poverty.

While it is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood, the earlier one begins the better.

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