Make Yourself a Hard Target

There is a school where criminals go to learn the skills of the trade. It’s called prison, and the punishments for not paying attention are severe. One of the most important lessons is how to spot an easy target:

A favorite target of the criminal are those citizens who appear weak or elderly. Just like the lion on the plains of Africa, they will single out the old or infirm, and for the same reason; they are an easier target. Now, we can’t do anything about our age and we can often do little about being infirm. But we do have the power to get in as good a physical shape as possible our particular situation. We can also realize, as the years and miles go by, that we look like easy pickings and do something about it. It may just mean that we rely more on friends and family for support and protection. It does mean that we never give up on training, practice, and finding ways to make ourselves a harder target.

Criminals also like victims who are preoccupied and not paying attention. It is simply easier to slip up on this kind of victim and gain control before they are really aware of what is going on. Some years ago, I visited with an armed robber who told me that his favorite convenience store clerks were young women. He said they would often stand behind the counter, reading a magazine, totally oblivious to what was going on around them. And, today, you might notice how many people you see walking around with their head down, engrossed in their smartphone.

It is also the preoccupied citizen who continually forgets to lock their doors, at home and in the car. They are also the people who wander around the big parking lot because they can’t seem to remember where they parked their car. For whatever reason, they are not paying attention to what is going on around them and this makes them a likely candidate for the criminal.


The young and small are likewise seen as soft targets by criminal predators. But some young, small people are clearly less vulnerable than others. Youngsters with their heads up, always scanning their vicinity, without earbuds or headphones, not playing with their iPhones or videogames as they walk — but constantly aware of what is happening around them and showing no signs of fear.

Dangerous Children, of course, will always be in possession of at least 10 concealed lethal weapons and will be well practiced in their use.

Here’s more on being a hard target:

Walk with a purpose, and when you are alone don’t appear weak. 

Speak with authority when a stranger approaches and never negotiate your own security with a stranger in the name of politeness. Avoid soft responses like “maybe.” Or “Sorry.” Or “I think I’ve got it.” Instead, you need to be firm and say “No.”

We live in a world where helicopter parents have made children and young people weak, dependent, and fearful. Instead of having been taught to watch out for themselves, they were instead limited unnecessarily at every turn in their upbringing. Their parents meant well, but by not exposing their children to the rough and tumble of the real world, they have turned their children into likely victims.

Populations have been dumbed down by 50 years of bad government schooling and social engineering to the point that the public tolerates rigged national elections and ruinous pandemic lockdowns that do a lot of harm but no good.

And the perpetrator of the pandemic and benefactor of the rigged election? It can pretty much do whatever it wants for now. From organ harvesting of political and religious prisoners to full scale genocide, China scratched the back of the new US administration, so the new “asterisk” government will scratch China’s back in return — along with Iran’s back, Venezuela’s back, etc. etc.

There are good reasons to make yourself a hard target these days. Don’t get sloppy.


2 thoughts on “Make Yourself a Hard Target

  1. Tim January 20, 2021 / 12:42 pm

    I appreciate that you’re writing so much about raising prepared children. It’s a passion of mine to be sure. I think adding the book Playful Preparedness ( to your list would make a lot of sense for your readers. I’m happy to send you a copy if you’d like to review it.


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