Jordan Peterson Wants to Reform Modern Education

Acton is a unique school where students self-learn the things they need to be successful as adults. This includes teaching themselves math and English through books and online resources at school, but it also means self-learning to overcome obstacles, to deal kindly with others, and to develop motivation.

Pros and Cons of Acton Academy

You have first chance in educating your own children. If you squander that chance, you take a huge risk with the future of your child’s mind.

Teachers do not generally have your child’s future welfare very high on their lists of priorities. They are more concerned with the immediate problems of their lives. You are your child’s champion, and if you do not do your job, being forewarned, there is no one else to blame.

The video above provides many useful reasons why conventional schools are destructive and out of control, and includes ways in which a better approach can be forged for your own children.

Jordan Peterson has immense knowledge and great insight, but he could sometimes exercise a bit more restraint when interviewing fascinating guests — he could listen more. But he makes up for his occasional lapses with the quality of his guests, as well as with the occasional gems he himself drops within his interruptions.

I suspect that more and more people will become aware that they are not alone in their frustration with the established schools and school systems. Not everyone can establish new schools of higher quality, but if you can, consider it.

Otherwise, look closely into the choices in your community, and you may find an excellent alternative to government education and other conventional “woke” approaches to education.

How to launch an Acton Academy


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